Cold day for a SlutWalk

THE global “slutwalk” phenomenon arrived in Australia today, with hundreds of protesters stopping Melbourne CBD traffic to end of the culture of victim-blaming in sexual assaults.

Grey skies kept most protesters rugged up, but a brave handful donned fishnets and heels, hot pants or minikirts for the march from the State Library, along Swanston St and up Collins St.

Many onlookers were bemused, some clapped in support and most captured the protest on their phones.

Organiser Clem Bastow told the crowd – which included a balance of men – that they were reclaiming the word “slut” and rejecting the ideals of humiliation, spite and judgment loaded on the term.

The protest was sparked by a Canadian policeman, who told an audience of university students in January that women should avoid dressing like “sluts” so they were not victimised.

His comments prompted global outrage that victims of sexual assault were to blame for the attack because of what they were wearing or doing.

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